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Patti Hunter

 Patti brings 9 years of grooming experiance to the salon and feels right at home here as a proud Floridian. " The atmosphere is relaxed and healthy for the animals and we all work well as a team".

Patti has  4 grown children and 2 grandkids that bring her joy. Of course the family doesnt end there as she goes on to boast of her furry babies.

 " Carlos" ( Sweet baby) is a long haired chihuahaua that sincerely gives the breed a good name. 

"Margo" is her second chihuahaua Sporting long lovely hair.

"Little Man" is a pom-Chi mix who sometimes gets grumpy 

 And her fourth dog " Diggie" is just a perfect girl mixed american mutt that Patti rescued from poor conditions . She remains eternally grateful to have a home. Patti has a heart for adopting animals who otherwise may be left behind. You might say she has a warm heart for cold noses.

 Although she fancies Chihuahaua's , theres something about the mixed breeds that she enjoys. " They have a kind of character and are normally well behaved" 



Chelsea Cassano

Dont let size fool you, this 24 year old pint size groomer has a passion for pitbulls.  "They really have a bad rapp of being mean dogs, I find its all how they are raised, not the breed".

Michigan born Chelsea has 13 adopted siblings and has spent the past 10 years in the sunshine state. She is grooming academy accredited and you'll find her making house calls in the state of the art Groomingtales mobile van. A true professsional, this groomer can tame a temper in a heartbeat. 

Besides her own Pitt mix " Pretty Boy" , she enjoys reading, the beach, and bike riding in her spare time. 

Chelsea is particularly talented at grooming " round faces" like shihtzu's. 

She plans to be a dental hygenist which guarentees your pooch will return home from the salon with a smile and a wag.

 Chelsea's favorite holiday is Christmas so dont forget to call for the Holidays to help fido stay festive. Make sure to to book early!


Stephanie Hypolite

This native New Englander is the salon's Cat's Meow. She owns her own lovely feline, Oliver-Jasper , and a French Bull dog named Jacob who she ejoys long walks with.

 Stephanie tells me cats are often misunderstood. The grooming process is much different than dogs. 

As I ask her questions she remaims steady and calm brushing a very long haired persian and explains the double sided brush used to tame and smooth the incredible amount of fur. In six years of grooming, she's been scrathced once. Pretty good record I'd say. 

 Stephanie attended college receiving her associates degree in general studies.

However her passion for animals quickly caused a change in career paths and she feels a belonging and relaxed happiness at the salon. 

 She tells me the personal touch here is special. Stress Free. And its a pleasure to welcome the owners right into the grooming area.

 Her favorite color is pink and she is excited to be expecting her first child. She tells me " Its a boy"!

 Although she loves her furry feline freinds, she holds a soft spot in her heart for Golden Retrievers and Bull Dogs.

 We welcome you to come by experiance Groomingtales special touch.



Gift Certificates Available

Whether a Holiday gift idea, Furry freinds Birthday, or mabye a " Thank you" . 

 A gift certificate from Grooming Tales Salon is a thoughtful and unique way to treat a pet owner. Sure to bring a smile and a wag to anyone!

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