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Dog & Cat Grooming

We make sure YOU and your PET feel safe and comfortable during their ROAM FREE GROOMING EXPERIENCE! Our FURiends feel at home as they are able to roam and socialize in our safe cage-free and daycare like enviroment.


We provide exceptional care with lots of love for your four-legged family members. All of our services are personalized to meet your individual needs.


A properly groomed pet is a happy and healthy pet. Whether your cat or dog is a pedigree or the neighborhood stray that you fell in love with, offers a full-line of grooming procedures from a simple shampoo to pre-competition preparation.

We Offer


The Furminator,  which is a de-shedding process. This process eliminates 90% of undercoat if done on a monthly basis.


We have a full line of shampoos for all needs of your pet's condition:   Flea and Tick medicated, oatmeal, whitening,  degreaser, all natural shampoos are hypoallergenic.

All grooms include bath, haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning, and plucking, if needed, and anal gland expression. We also offer Toothbrushing.


Our reasonable pricing varies, depending on the size of your pet, and the condition of its coat: 


Basic price range for dogs:  


Dematting is an additional charge.


Basic price range for cats:

$55 - $65

the Furminator,  which is a de-shedding process. This process eliminates 90% of undercoat if done on a monthly basis.

Benefits of Pet Grooming

Having your pet groomed is not just about making them look and smell beautiful. There are also health, emotional, and physical benefits to regular grooming. Regular grooming makes your pet more comfortable and can contribute to a longer, healthier life. Grooming is also a good socialization tool, and can help reduce stress levels in your pet. This will make your pet more outgoing, friendly, and less aggressive. Our groomers pay special attention to your pets ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, foot pads, anal region and all other areas of their bodies.   


A clean animal is a happy animal for everyone. Terri Zentz shampoo's your pet to perfection and will even give them a blow out. 

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